Cat grass planter

Only in English this time 'cause I've a lot to say and it would take forever to translate!

You've probably, at least once, seen a cat nibble on grass or other plants.
Cats are primarily carnivores, which means that they prefer to eat only meat. However, many cats are fond of plants. If your cat doesn't get outdoors, it might nibble on your houseplants, which, in many cases, is not a good thing. In fact, it can be dangerous, because many houseplants are toxic to cats. But, I'm not here to teach you about toxic plants today, you can google more about it, if you're interested.

So, why do cats eat grass? There's no definitive answer to that question. Some people believe that cats eat grass for the nutrition their diets lack. Others believe that eating grass helps them to relieve digestive problems, meaning that the grass acts as a natural laxative.
For what ever the reason, cats like to eat grass.

Some people, like me, occasionally grow cat grass for their cat.
I used to grow the grass in a normal plastic jar, which you typically use for storing food. But it was not a good solution, since Predator used to pull the grass out of its "pot" and strew the soil and grains all over the floor. I grew tired of it, as you can imagine.

But then I found this Catit Design Senses garden kit. It comes with three plastic parts, soil, seeds and also with a grey silicone mat, which I find useless. The bright green part keeps your cat from digging up the soil.

I like this garden kit and it truly is worth to buy, but it has its flaws. The bowl is really easy to have mold grown on the bottom, which takes time to clean, is disgusting, and also it lures some bugs too. So, you just have to be careful when you water the grass. I usually "underdrain" (?) the bowl by adding some stones and covering the stones with a piece of a paper, then I add the soil and the seeds.

Couple of weeks ago, I got this idea to paint the green part with stone effect paint, since the bright green is... well I won't say ugly, but maybe a bit cheap-looking and it screams "this is a pet product!". Hence, I bought a bottle of PlastiKote granit -paint (Manhattan Mist) for 21,95 € from K-rauta. A bit expensive... If you know where to get cheaper effect paints, please do tell, it would be great.

Couple of layers of paint and voilà, this is how it turned out. I really like the outcome.

For better outcome you should add some primer before the effect paint. So, don't do as I do, do as I say. :D

My little project-buddy was also pleased with the result. Now all I have to do is buy some seeds again and Roottori will have something green to munch on.